Our Vision & Mission


Our vision is that every person in Tampa Bay has equitable access to affordable, quality healthcare to ensure a healthy, vibrant community.


Our mission is to be the trusted leader in our community, ensuring access to high-quality healthcare for all in the Tampa Bay Area.

Our Healthcare Navigators are committed to enrolling Tampa Bay residents into healthcare coverage programs, improving healthcare literacy, and mobilizing community partners to support collective knowledge. These services are provided to increase equitable access to high-quality healthcare and reduce health disparities in Tampa Bay.


The Family Healthcare Foundation, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) designated organization, was established in 1998 to convene local efforts to respond to a match requirement that supported the enrollment of children into the State of Florida’s Children’s Health Insurance Program, Florida KidCare. We have a long history of addressing process improvements, leading a diverse coalition of volunteers, and providing outreach and application assistance in publicly funded health care programs such as Florida KidCare, the Health Insurance Marketplace, and local county healthcare programs.

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